Good-bye summer…

Today is officially my last day of summer 2014. Tomorrow I begin a new adventure tackling nursing school.
I never anticipated going back to school when I had the dream job and career. Life took an unexpected turn and now I have a new journey to look forward to completing.
Summer was interesting. I took two classes and earned A’s in both. Got a new part-time job as a waitress. And did not go on my month long Florida vacation.
While most people take a week long vacation, it has been tradition that mine be around a month. It was a total downer not being able to go this year. That will not happen next year! Me and Pickles are gonna start saving today! I will certainly need an amazing vacation after the insane year I am about to embark on.

I’m pretty sure I am going to create a nursing blog to document those adventures – although I’m not sure I’ll have the time!

Good bye summer time and crowded roads. Hello fall and pumpkin iced coffee. Good bye long nights and mosquito bites. Hello apple pie and running highs.
-that’s all the lame rhyming I can do for now. Haha





Better late then never…

My first run in hmmm about 2 months. 3 miles at noon wasn’t a great idea but it’s what I had to do to get it in today. It was hot!!!! Legs felt great. Shocked a little but waitressing is probably helping them a ton. The cardiovascular aspect was a little rough. Combined with the heat and 3 miles was plenty. I’ll attempt to get up earlier tomorrow and crack out another 3! 3.5 months til marathon time. Yikes!
But … Better to start now then never 🙂



I’ve been a bad blogger. Well, I don’t even consider myself a blogger anymore. Although the rest of the summer I pledge to blog a few more times then the past couple of weeks which has been none :).

Tonight I’m traveling to South Carolina to see my super prego sister and enjoy some beach time.

A camper will be my home for 5 days. It should be very interesting. Indeed.


I will certainly miss my little pickle but I think he’ll be okay for 10 days. Me, that’s another story!


Why would anyone think it’s okay to stiff a waitress. I’ve given 10% before for horrendous waitresses but last night I received my first stiff. I was beyond nice and attentive. The bill was around 50$ so the tip at 20% should have been just under 10$. I couldn’t believe it. They took both copies of the check too! A mistake? Maybe but either way it sucked and ruined my already crappy night. Oh well. It was the first but certainly in this industry won’t be the last!! Boo!

Don’t forget about karma when you decide to be rude!

Sunday non-runday

Finished Uganda be kidding me by Chelsea Handler. That was funny but not nearly as bust out laughing funny as her other books! Boo I need another one now!

Played outside with Picklepie and took him for a quick ride to redbox to drop off delivery man and catching fire. Only watched the first one. I was expecting funnier!

Long weekend filled with some fun, sleepless nights, and an abundance of thoughts to process.




New bike shorts!

Definitely helpful for those long miles on the bike! They are Pearl UZumi and they were super cheap! Well cheap enough $25 from BikeNashbar. They felt pretty good. No riding up due to the grippers around the legs. I wish they were a little more padded but I’ll take them! Good enough for only biking 1-2x a week. 12 miles today to break them in. Almost got hit by some deer but it was worth the excitement!