10 miles

5 running continuous
1 mile walk
Drink n rest break
2 mile walk
2 miles walk 2 mins run 1 min.

Felt good! So hot out I was loving the occasional wind blast!!

Slow and steady!

Just under 7 months for Philly Marathon woo!!


Bike on!

Back on the bike today! Felt great. Minus the obnoxious wind! That’s okay I’ll take the wind just to see the sunshine! I knew my path but wasn’t sure of the distance. I did just over 13 miles and walked just under 2 miles. My legs were jello after 13. I have no clue how people bike 100 miles then run a marathon. Insanity! Well hopefully the good weather keeps on coming and I’ll be able to cross train using my bike. Give my hips a break from running. Woo!


Happy st. Pattys day. food a day early!

Irish potatoes to come tomorrow.

Today’s eats:
Reuben. Flipping amazing! frank cooked the corn beef perfectly. Moist, salty, and delish!

And an old time favorite I haven’t had in years: pudding pie! Gram crackers and pudding. Unbeatable in favorite old time desserts! Passing on the tradition :



This little sweetie also got a little fresh air this weekend!


At least someone got some sleep!

Oh and you may be thinking what the hell happened to super shred. It’s not dead just on a slight break for some yearly traditions. I have no time limit and really, you only live once! Amen.