Pickles Page!

Since I am obsessed with my dogs I thought my dog should have his very own page. Pickles is my dog. Czar is the family dog. Lily is Shannon’s dog. They are all best friends and make me smile and laugh uncontrollably. Anyway, here is Pickles story.

I had finally convinced my Dad to let me own a dog. After many months of searching all over the internet and newspapers I found a Golden Retriever breeder up in Coatesville, Pa. Now I am very weary of puppy mills and googled this residence. There was an investigation years ago but there was no final outcome, the case had simply been dropped. I thought it was okay and called the man up. The following day the BF and I went to look at the puppies. There were 3 boys 1 girl @ $750 each. I was debating between the a male and a female and found one male that wasn’t too big or too dark. The female had a funny disposition. She wasn’t warm and fuzzy. She was independent and wanted nothing to do with me. The male was playful and loved the attention. The BF wanted me to get the female and I was about to say okay until this little Pickle sat in front of me by my feet, looked up, and melted my heart. I took him and got the guy down to $6 something. Sold. From there, it has been full of adventures. Pickles is a great dog with a lot of energy. He is bad, very bad. He does things on purpose to get attention. I try to discipline but he is head strong. I love this dog with every ounce of me and wouldn’t be the same with out him. There are times when it would be easier not to have a dog but 99.9% of the time I can’t get enough of his companionship and loyalty. He is a great dog and one of a kind.

Now for the pictures that will be never-ending!

He’s the one with poop on his back…

First meeting

My Pickle!









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1 thought on “Pickles Page!”

  1. He’s adorable!

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