Today sucked. Flat out. It sucked. I had all things going for me – I lost the 3 lbs I went up this weekend with – mostly water but who cares it was 3 lbs! I ate perfect . I ran so good yesterday I popped two Tylenol and said let’s do it again. Starting out I was tight but planned to go to the bench and stretch out my calves they were super tight! Before I got to the bench I felt a pop. My hamstring/a popped! I grabbed the back of my leg and immediately started walking. I thought okay just need to stretch – stretched and went to go again. No go. I could barely friggen walk! I hobbled back just about a mile to my car and cried. I have been working so hard and after following one of the best runs I’ve had in a long time to the worst run accompanied by an injury. Unreal! Now I’m icing and will see how I feel tomorrow. Hoping it’s just a few days off from running. Hoping elliptical feels good! This means my eating needs to be all the more perfect. Shit happens and I refuse to let this injury derail me. But dang this sucks!



Small bruise where injury is! Hope it doesn’t get worse!!!