Today was a great day. I had enough Cheerios for breakfast and switched it up for some yoplait Greek 80 cal yogurt with some berries and grapes! Yum I was happy for the change. We took Lily to the vet and had some gold fish for a snack. After we got home I knew if I sat down I wouldn’t get back up to exercise so I immediately went to the path and cracked out a great 4 miles. The first two miles hurt and were slow but on mile 3 I got my second wind and decided 4 was a good number. Had the track not been covered with snow I would have ran/walked an additional for 5 but no go. I had a pro shake when I got home and the took czar to the vet for his check up too. He’s all good for his 10 year 6 month old self! Yay! Then came home to have a yummy Morning Star Mediterranean burger. They are so good! I added half a cucumber with some Trader Joes white bean basil hummus. Now that is amazing. I’ll have some grapes for my snack tonight and call it a good day! Day 9 with no diet soda! I may or may not decide to give it up for good. It just causes so much bloat but I really love diet mt. Dew so who knows! For the next few weeks I’ll lay off it! :).