Well folks I am officially on week 2 day 1. This week is a little more normal minus one snack. So week 2, you eat a meal, snack, meal, meal, snack. So normally I would have a pre-workout snack in between those two meals. But I’m happy not to be eating 4 meals because it was just too much at 7 pm. this week is way more normal! Anyway the day started out normal : Cheerios with strawberries and tea. An apple with cinnamon for snack. A protein shake with trader joes coconut milk. It’s actually not as good as the Silk brand but it has no sugar so there ya go! Dinner was salad aka lettuce, cucumber, and a few olives, with roast pork in the mix. I added Siracha to my fat free dressing and it was good! Snack tonight will be a 100 calories bag of popcorn followed by a piece of orbit apple gum! Overall, my calories for the day are around 900. I don’t feel hungry at all which is good. I treadmill walk/ran for 46 minutes today and even though it felt hard it also felt good. I wish it didn’t snow because I was starting to really enjoy running outside. Soon. Well Monday night line up of two broke girls, mike and milky, mom, then the black list! I’ll be doing some job hunting during all that! Neeeeeed work!!!!