Today started out pretty normal. The usual Cheerios and strawberries with Green Tea. Followed by a rice cake with PB. Some cucumber sliced with awesome spinach and kale yogurt dip from Trader Joes. A yummy sensations tuna. Tried the lemon pepper one. The sweet chili is still number 1! A Morningstar chick pea veggie patty with steamed broccoli. That veggie patty was awesome! My new go to dinner! Then I kind of went off plan because I just didn’t want another salad. I had a yummy Lara bar. Tried the uber dark chocolate peanut and it was good. Sticky bun is still my favorite but it was still good. Salty and sweet. I don’t feel bad that I didn’t eat a salad but I am hungry right now. Like kinda really hungry. I’m still under 1000 cals and running 5 miles today really must have boosted my metabolism and left me hungrier then usual. I’ll get through it but not sure how much more wear I can drink! Haha. Tomorrow will be more on track with Super Shred and week one will be done! So cool woo !!!