Wow a whole 5 days. Seems like just yesterday id be going to the store and buy Reese Easter eggs. I won’t be eating any until easter and I am
Perfectly fine with that. I also know I am super strong because I don’t even care about the Sweet Eats cake Shan got! Today I had to basically combine meals 3 & 4. I got home later from the gym because I stopped at the track to do an additional mile with Shan. Shitttt I’ll take another easy mile! So I combined my meals aka a large not so fancy salad and a mahi mahi burger from Trader Joes which was amazing!!! A little salty but delish! For lunch I have to dish on my new favorite meal for this “diet”. It’s those bumble bee sensations!! I got the sweet chili one today and it was amazing! Actually tasted like pulled pork! Cheap too $1.56 from Walmart. I need to get more ASAP! I’ll have the lemon pepper one tomorrow. Shan said the sundried tomato basil was disgusting but she also said that about the sweet chili one too so I will try that one as well. Yum-o. Missing my daily frozen grapes but it’s not the day for those. Looks like I’m having a piece of SF gum! Woo.
WOD: 20 Elip, 10 walk, 20 run, addition 1.25 sprint walk mile. Abs. Light weights.