Day 2 was easier then day 1. Once I commit to something and have my eye on the pizza prize I can do anything! Example kicking ass in my final hesi. The end. Sike anyway day two consisted of Cheerios and strawberries for breakfast. Half a Lara bar then another half later on (sticky bun uber omg!) a protein shake and two large salads for meal 3 and 4 with shrimp. Look I love salads but I can’t eat two in a day. Especially not back to back. It was too much and I failed on putting raw broccoli and an older green pepper and my cherry tomatoes were a bust too! I ate the entire first salad but struggled to eat the last one. I mean it’s all good because today was beyond perfecto eating so that made me happy :). I also started Jillian michaels 30 day shred and that’s always great. Totally out of it and shape but I’ll get it back. did 20 mins of walk run too! Woo.

So overall day 2 was pretty easy. It wasn’t hard watching my family eat shrimp and cauliflower over pasta although I was really jouncing for a piece of bread with butter slightly and melted. Boo I’m carb freak :(.

Tomorrow hoping to do JM and run a bit. But until then:






I just couldn’t eat anymore!