Well, the time has come to lay off the chocolate until easter! It will be a long sad couple of weeks til then but it’s only chocolate.
Day one of super shred has started! It wasn’t as great as I had planned it due to me missing meal 3 a darn garden salad! Better luck tomorrow.
The calories for today would have been right under 1200. I was just over 1000. Am I hungry ? Yes but my stomach has been stretched due to eating whatever the heck I wanted since like August!
Weigh in today and not again til next week.
20 lbs in 4 weeks well see. Hopefully because that would be awesome but it doesn’t end with 20lbs. I’m planning on 50 but it doesn’t really matter the number. I’ll go til I feel and fit in my clothes the way I want.
It sucks not eating what you want but very few people can do that and after I lose what I need to then I’ll be able to eat the things I want (pizza, peanut butter, buttercake!! Reese sticks) in bulk moderation!
Overall today was hard and I felt like shit running with my newly formed shin splints. I’m compressing and will roll them out tonight. Total of 50 mins cardio was pretty good. Tomorrow will be better with the addition of my girl Jillian michaels 30 day shred!! Woot woot.



Dang those black pro compressions sure do show the dog hair! Fail.