Well. I’m not a fan of the food here in Ohio. It’s lack luster. Shan raved about Jason’s deli. The salad bar was simply okay nothing out of the ordinary for a salad bar. I did like the mini corn muffins and the brown spiced ones. I got the original plain jane baked potatoe. It was gigantic and again it fell short. The bacon was fatty and the cheese was over melted to the point of plastic. Not worth the money but it could feel an army, a very hungry willing to eat anything kinda army. Free Ice cream was pretty good. The chocolate was very chocolatey!
Nine inch pub for all you can eat fish and chips. I was going to get the boneless wings and Shan said it’s not real meat but I should have went with my guy. While the fish was good it had bones all through out and a scale. And a little skin on it still. Heck no I don’t like things that don’t come out perfect. Especially things like that. It wasn’t bad but I would not get it again. Anywhere. Not my thing. The steak fries were tasteless and big. Not my kinda fries.
I am hoping to go to a pizza place tonight that puts grapes on top! I have wanted to try this since day one she moved out here. She best take me there!!!
Leaving tomorrow am. Thank god. It’s so cold and gross here. No offense but Ohio is not my place. Or maybe it’s the company were in. Hmm.