Oh I just decided to conquer my fear of flying and take a trip out to Ohio with a layover. I figured it’ll be snowing here and why not! Just decide Sunday at 2 pm to book a flight for 6 and take off! Um ya. No way!! But I did. To move Shan back to nj for now. Take off from Philly was a smooth. The best ever. We also left 15 mins early and arrived 40
Minutes early. Unfortunately, I braced my self the entire descending and landing. Holy hell it was rocking!!! So windy. But I arrived alive. With a 2 hour layover in Cleveland I filled my time with shopping and window shopping. Take off from Cleveland was horrendous. And landing was rocky but okay. I managed to talk to a female flight attendant behind me and she assured me all is good and flying is so easy and safe. Fearless! Anywho. Once again I arrived and found Shan. It’s funny as I was holding my rosary and praying we didn’t flip over, everyone else was such a pro. No one showed any fear or hesitation. So jealous. But when I fly Friday to South Carolina, I should feel better. Bigger plane hopefully less or no rocking! Amen.