So me and my buddy went for a ride to PetCo today. Ya German Shepherd Eukanuba is beyond expensive. For a 35 lb bag just cost me $64. No coupons no nada. And with 3 dogs it maybe last a month. Total blow! However i took the time at red lights (safety first) to photo shoot me and pic! Plus the sun was shining perfectly in my car! I love sun shots. They’re so cool!!!





I then used my buddy leash from road runner sports I got from the bf for Xmas! I love it. Although pickles didn’t see a leash in my hand and took off jolting me forward. Fail. But he understands now after I yelped! Pretty darn cool though and definitely strong because it holds his 100 lbs frame. Win.



I also scored a Disney stocking for little Hootie when he or she arrives. It was from walgreens with 75% off. $2.49 cents for this beauty. Love Disney. And I am so sad I won’t be there this year for the marathon weekend.


Laura comes in from South Carolina tonight! Adventure time. Possibly.