Happy 85 to the love of my life and bestest friend!!!!!!!

Snow day tomorrow!!!! I can’t wait to play with the pups :)!!!!



Plus baby Hootie will be born in less then two months!!!! A new little niece or nephew and I can’t wait!!! Jean and I did a little more shopping including some clearance Xmas things from target! Total score 4 things for under$10!

Plus a few more sleepers


I totally need to sign up for a race ASAP and get some major motivation. Drop the sweets add the running! I haven’t even worn my new mizunos or brooks!!!! Ahhh I need help 😦

Plus I’m going to devote a little more time to blogging. Get back to the food and fitness blogging.
Pulled pork with cauliflower.


Tomorrow there will be a fitness picture!!!!

Stay warm!