It has been almost 2 years and I miss you a ton! I miss the ridiculous Saturday stories from you and Uncle Tom and uncle harry rolling his eyes over the stories. I miss stopping at dunkin donuts for a jelly donut to bring you and I miss making your hot tea. Those are just the things I miss while you were at immaculate Mary. What I miss most is walking up your steps at 5949 looking at your rose bush and hydrangea and the initial smell of your house. Smelled like furnace heater and love. I miss bringing lunch meat sandwiches and popping open a can of Pringles. I liked looking in your closet and taking Polaroid selfies of me and col. For dessert I always took a butterscotch! I love you mommom and I miss you terribly. We all do. There’s just something missing each day and that is you. Hope that balloon and note got close but if not; Happy birthday and happy new year, it’ll be a sad one without you once again but we know your with us in spirit. And rainbows of course.

You are…. My sunshine.