I got my first smoothie from Whole Foods today and honestly for $6.50 it was just okay. You pick your liquid, I did coconut water. 3 fruits or veggies. I did apple, strawberries, and a cucumber. And my fun ingredient was almond butter. Overall it was fresh but I’ve made better juices with my juicer. But lesson learned and I can cross it off my list. I used some coupons from Justin’s and stocked up on maple almond and chocolate hazelnut butter. I also tried their milk chocolate peanut butter cups. While I love that it was organic, it was no Reese’s cup! The chocolate was smooth and the pb was slightly salty and crunchy. Slightly. But it was missing something. Maybe needed more peanut butter! And at $2.99 I probably wouldn’t but another without a coupon. I also got kettle corn drizzled with chocolate. Shannon and I discovered it last year and it’s super yummmy and oddly taste good for you in a good way! I wish there was a whole foods closer because the customers and employees are just so darn pleasant!
I also ran 35 total 45 with walking and did day 9 of Jillian. Crazy my last day of level one is done tomorrow! I’m actually sad about that because I know how hard level 2 and 3 will be! Ah!!!