It is so darn cold today! Winter is coming!!!! I remember a long time ago we had snow on Thanksgiving! I am hoping that isn’t the case this year. Well, 3 very hard days working out – running many miles, and kicking 30 day shred (starting tomorrow and attempting to do all 30 days!) perfect eating – sorry Stacy’s pita chips your staying shut for now! Just for 3 days. The Thursday do a nice early am run before the feast. Which will mostly consist of egg nog, apple pie with copious amounts of whipped cream not coolwhip, Brussel sprouts with cheese sauce, mash potatoes and fresh bread. Who likes turkey!? Not me! So I’m good with the carbs and a green 🙂 then it’s back to hardcore til Christmas. Minus a day or two before with some cookie batter. But as long as I run it’ll be okay. No fitness competition so cookie dough is fair game. :). Yay for the holidays and yay for not binging from thanksgiving to Christmas !!! Ha



My plan the rest of Sunday with homeland tonight!!!