Is simply the best. It taste so natural and fresh even when my jar has been open since August. I know that’s a long time to have something so yummy take so long to consume but I go through spurts. On nut butters, off nut butters. My fitness pal thanks me because that’s 190 cals gone and 20 minutes of running to make it up. But I truly am 100% a Justin fan! My recent obsession is a honey crisp apple sliced, 2 tbsp of Justin’s honey almond butter and 1 tbsp of mini semi sweet chocolate morsels. No joke the combination of the two taste like cookie dough! I am still in my 2 week down sizing phase but I can’t help myself and therefore have run plenty of miles to compensate for the large calorie addition. It’s nice to know there are natural and healthy products out there that don’t taste like poo. Thank you Justin! I’ve said it countless times before.