Are beyond important when using my fitness pal. I am on a 2 pound a week weight loss and for me mfp gives me 1200 calories a day. That ain’t shit. Excuse my French. But it’s nothing ! So it’s the incentive to workout hard so the more exercise I do the more calories I get back to eat some of. Like today, I had 400 calories left for dinner but my salad from salad works was 437 and a roll and butter was 155 + 100 for butter. That’s around 740 cals give or take. And salad works lets u create your own and add in all your mix ins and see your calories. Pretty darn cool! So hopefully it’s around that number. I may gain or stay the same tomorrow but I know it’s just fiber volume. Anyway I normally eat half my exercise if I’m hungry. But it is necessary to eat the 1200 calories or your body will go into starvation mode and hang on to the calories you eat the next day more. I mean that’s over days of being under 1200 ish. Give or take your body type. My salad was good. It was no Franklinville inn but good enough to satisfy my salad craving. I’m just glad I’m craving salad not oatmeal pies or Reese sticks. Totally over candy for now. šŸ™‚