Ahh. Who would have thought not consuming candy or oatmeal pies would feel so good. It was refreshing to eat healthy today and it’s just the beginning of a new kick. Ya it’s a yo-yo but I’m on now and if in 3 months I’m eating oatmeal pies in bed who care. I refuse to live my life consumed with food again. Not worth the misery. However I will not be a gluten and think I can eat whatever I want and not work out. If I was running 10 miles a day I would say ya go for 2 pieces of pizza but when your not working out you can’t expect not to gain weight. My body comp has changed major and it’s absurd so it’s time before it gets any worse. No more waiting for the next holiday to pass or I’ll start Monday. I’ve started and that’s that. Um am I done my rant?. Almost. Thanksgiving is coming and I have no problems eating pie and cheese sauce on my Brussel sprouts however I’m gonna run early in the day and not go insane. Same thing with Christmas, I’m gonna eat a boat load of cookie dough. I just am but it’s all about balance and I need to get that back. Whew okay!

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Ps that smart ones blew!