Took a chilly walk around smithville today with col, raff, and jean. It was cold and I was cold the entire day. From the car ride to walking through the stores to the car ride home with a blanket on my lap. Winter is approaching rapidly! It was a nice sunny day and my best part was a real iced coffee from one of their coffee shops. Delish and at $3.50 for one size fits all it best be good. Had Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch. It was not good. I knew I didn’t like their boneless wings or sauce. Should always stick to what I know and I know that was not gonna be a winner. Oh well sometimes ya win, sometimes ya lose. Rounded out the day in sweat pants and a sweat shirt with fuzzy socks to warm up my core. I think this is the first day in the longest that I haven’t done any nursing school work. It felt good. Gotta do 2 more weeks of ap2 now! Get it done then hesi a2 on December 18 then freedom til jan 21 when microbiology and psych start! Wild – cannot believe I am going back to school I always swore I was done but guess I don’t have much of a choice unless i wanna live at home forever. Well I kinda do. 🙂