Goooood morning Colleen. My sole reader. Today I got up and cracked out 2 miles. My legs were sore and barely loosened. Slow but it was done. Had a delicious Granny Smith apple with my most favorite nut butter brand – Justin’s. It taste way more natural and has 1 hand of ingredients and that’s only because its the honey almond butter. It is a tad pricier but its worth the flavor and health benefits from being all natural. Lunch was icky with an icky tomato. No thanks and then I cracked out 6 more miles – walked one ran 2 walked a half ran a half and walked ran another mile and then walked the last mile. Is that 6? I did 6 so either way I totaled 8 miles and now I’m tired but feeling good. That’s why we made our own pizza tonight and didn’t feel a bit of guilt. I had a ton of calories left so all is good in mfp land. Tomorrow I’m gonna run but take it slow. 25 days left til my half. Hopefully hard work pays off and ill be able to run the 13.1 without stopped. Well, I’m gonna. End of story.