Ill have to find the balance between work and play. Meaning 3 beers and pizza does not equate waking up to run before the heat and it definitely doesn’t mean sleeping in and then running in the heat. Today = day off. I had every intention including pre filling my water bottles. Darn. It’s okay rest day. Tomorrow col comes around noon so I will wake up early and get my run on. Today’s beach was nice 3 hours. My skin is no longer browning. It’s absorbed enough d and brown. The end. I can’t wait to get home and jump in my pool today I got stung by a jelly fish. Twice. Wtf Gulf of Mexico keep those things away from me! Oh well. Nice lazy day today. Fell asleep on the deck too before the rain came down. Packed a little. Waiting til Friday night for that duh. Sunset soon can’t wait. 2 days left ugh !!!