Boo hoo. My final week, well final 5 days. Countdown. 4 days left. So sad. Making each day count and not leaving anything left undone. That’s how each day should be lived. Ran 3 miles out and back. Didn’t want to but was happy I did. Beached it up while missing an important phone call. Boo. Got hurricane grill and two rug burn beers. 2 was plenty. Wow. Had chicken fingers that I took home and had some Parmesan fries there. They were good but I prefer sweet potato fries. Yummiest. Got stamps from the post office out of a dispenser machine. Pretty neat. New experience my mommy had to help me figure out- guess everything is a priority. Who knew. My post cards are on their way. I wish I could have sent one to mommom but I don’t know heavens zip code. Hmm one day ill know it. Hopefully not too soon because I have a new niece or nephew coming this year!!!! Everything is definitely going to be changing and I’m pretty excited what may change, stay the same, or totally take me by surprise. Or maybe boring is enough … ;).