Somehow I ran there and back for a little over a 5k. First time probably ever. Funny running in fla feels double or triple the amount of miles. I was beyond proud of myself today. Shocked too. But I guess that means I can’t go backwards now?!?! Fml. I also walked my usual 2 miles to the rocks and back, wore sneakers this time – way better on my ankles and knees!! Beached it up a lot – then Pickles needed to get out so we went to petsmart and purchased $1.47 hedgehogs. 4 more to be exact. And he’s eaten 3 so far. And for dinner I needed some greens. Got a market salad with strips from chick fil a. It was delish with their avocado lime dressing and my left over avocado from lunch. Hit the greenery spot. Sunset sucked again and only because there was no sun. Oh well. Tomorrows a new day. But today was a great one. 🙂