Technically it’s been a week since I’ve started constant running. Today my ironman could not find GPS so I decided to run on the beach for time – 20 minutes. But I walked one beach access and finished out my run then dragged pickles for a walk for a total time of 45 minutes. Felt good and hot. As usual of course. The beach is sucking lately – no rain but lots of waves and stewing sea grass and leaves ; turning my beautiful gulf into brackish wavefest – could certainly be back in Jersey … But I won’t cuz this is still better. :). Picked Shannon up almond butter from Trader Joes – almond butter shortage all over and I finally had to try cookie butter and it did not disappoint!! Basically creamy and crunchy I got the crunch because I like to crunch – it’s like gingerbread and biscotti but not over kill. It’s delicate and flipping amazing. I’ve eaten two tablespoons with a spoon. But it would be great on waffles, pancakes, cool whip, pretzels, fingers. You get the point it’s darn good. Whole foods was only good for avocados. They are way more expensive here then in jersey and its sick. $4.99 a lb for a tomato. No thanks. I spent my $4 on a shity cup cake. Not worth it. Enjoy the pics below.