I totally did not want to wake up and run but pickles said to stop being lazy soooo I rolled outta bed and went for my run. I know it’s working because today was hard but it felt easier and it was even a little quicker. My goal is to run the 3.1 miles nonstop at around 32 minutes. That would put me back to the 2 5ks I ran last year down here. One was 34 the other was 32. By the end of two weeks I will because it’ll have been 3 weeks of running. I can do it :). The beach was fantastic today. So hot and I’m getting darker by the day lol a trip to the dermatologist is a just when I return. Every magazine I read has something about tanning and moles and I’ve got a tan and a few moles. And if I’m ever gonna die its not gonna be because of tanness. That would suck! Any who had an amazing grouper sandwich for dinner. Melted in my mouth. My next adventure is to find food produce!! Vine tomatoes. No thanks they blow :-/. Until tomorrow ……