3 miles felt like 10 in this Florida heat. Fuel belt and all. It was hot, sweaty, and slow!! Ran one mile, walk ran every other beach access ran one mile back walked a few steps back. Felt good when I was done. So slow though gees! Took picky to the dog park. We both needed to get out. The dog park was okay. The people and dogs had their own cliques so me and picky talked a little and played a little until he sat In a mud puddle. Awesome. Luckily they had a bathing station, aka a fence with a hose. Ill take it cuz he wasn’t getting in my car like that. He could walk home. Just kidding. A trip to PetSmart was in order for some dry shampoo. Picked up BurtsBees. It did its job not overly smelly and took the dirt off him pretty well. He also got a few toys. Clearance of course. A raised dog food stand because i and he refuses to eat on a floor and a portable water and food mesh container because even though my sabra container was a hit with Amanda the woof dog tonight I’m afraid pickles is a stuck up dog who wants luxury. He should start playing he lottery if he wants all these amenities. Sunset was gorgeous but they all are. Nightttttt