Today I was up pretty early aka 7 ish laid in bed until Pickles forced me up! I was just dreading my run. After a quick walk with Pick I came back stretched a little, set my ironman timex and was off. I put a minimum of one mile in my head max 5. I knew 5 would be out of reach but just incase it felt good I didn’t want my first run after weeks being off to be too much on my legs. I went a little in the middle and ran two miles out and back and it was tough. I was dripping in sweat and it was slow. But I did it so that’s all that matters. I walked pick just under another mile. Hit the beach for a few hours until the rain came then had a tomato sandwich, took a nap, scored a killer deal for dog food at Petco, got Five guys burgers for dinner and then had a nice walk w. pick. Today was a good beginning. Ya it’s going to be super slow getting back into shape but what better time then now. Plus it needs to happen!!! And it will. Looking for another marathon this fall to complete. I have to give it another chance after the Goofy challenge. I wanna see how it feels to run one just in shape not after a half the following day. So that’s my current goal. Find a marathon, get in shape, and run! Oh and enjoy life too. That’s always important. 🙂
My day in photo form:






All new Project Runway starts tonight !!! Yesssss 🙂