So it may be a day shy + a week since it was April Fool’s Day. Thats ok, the half marathon must go on. Or I guess people were too busy during Easter last week and are not dedicated enough like me to skip out on work Monday (4/1) to run… Anyway, it was today!

The weather called for a beautiful day and why it shaped up to be one, it was still pretty chilly running by the sea. I wore my black Old Navy Active capri’s, a black longsleeve Target Active shirt, my hot pink Pro Compression socks (review soon!), one awesome looking tutu, and my real Sweaty Band (thanks too a crappy sewing machine for my DIY)!

Unfortuantely I had a few failures throughout the day/race-

Fail #1- Pocket in compression pants was only big enough to fit a key not my Iphone. I attempted to shove it in but only 1/3 of it went so I was phoneless the entire gorgeous route.

Fail #2- No gloves. I should have realized I was going to need them but I was in a bit of a rush this morning and was not prepared.

Fail #3- Literally not preparing for this race! How dumb, I knew I’d race it for months * I did 2 long runs, 8 and 10, and assumed I’d be good and not run for 2 weeks leading up to the race. Major fail.

Fail #4- Giving up and walking during the race. Like major walk probably like 2 miles walk. Boo me- let down.

Anyyyywho, this was my brothers first half marathon. He killed it and nailed a 2:19, my cousin Polly whose a beast came in around 1:48. Jealous of both. I assumed I’d be in around 2:30… boy was I wrong.

The first mile sucked as usual. I sewed my tutu too big and was fiddling with it for about 2 miles until I was able to tie an additional knot on it, this caused me to get a side stitch that lasted the entire race and drive home, and I felt like throwing up the ENTIRE time. It was horrible. I knew something was off this morning and after the first 3 miles I thought I could pull it out and hit my mark. I was doing good a few minutes behind usual at 36 minutes for 5k. I then hit a wall. I had a gu that did not help my stomach, and the boards were getting super boring depsite the scenery. Finally we ran off the boards only to be tricked at the length we’d be running on the street. I just was not expecting it! I hit 5 miles at 3 minutes under an hour. Then it all went to shit. Somehow when we turned around hit another wall and began to walk/run. Then went we hit 9 miles and the time was already at 2 hours I completely gave up. I am so used to under 2 hours for 10 miles now I still had 4 miles left and was already at 2! I threw my hands up and walked miserably. I was pretty much at the back of the pack only maybe 200 behind me *i’ll check real stats about that one! 10 miles I was around 2:15 then it continued down hill 3 miles left I knew I was going to be close to 3 hours. I walked alot a goofy looking power walk and then 12 miles. 1 mile left thank God. You would figure i’d run to make up for lost time and hustle to the finish — nope. I’d pick stores on the board walk and say run to that store then walk, then that one and walk. When the finish was insight, I saw my family on the side line who cheered and I did run the rest of the way in.

Horrible 2:52:12. Wow worst half ever. Way worst then my first at 2:37 and beyond worse then my PR at 2:27. Unreal. I felt horrible after. Completely let myself down. It would have been pretty darn cool to stay with my brother or finish just 5 minutes after him. My horror continued when I needed some electrolytes and they ran out of Powerade. I was pissed! So I guzzled 2 waters. Grabbed a banana and pretzel for my niece and sister then went back for more water. Totally not great for snacks like the one in the fall with Johnsons popcorn!

We went to Earl of sandwhich after and I still felt sick and took it to go. Then got super hungry on the way home and dove in only to realize it kinda blew. The roastbeef was really hard and chewy. Fail again. Darn.

Overall, the race was a beautiful setting, mediocre course and refreshments, blah medals, a blah runner aka me, great support from my family, none during the race except water volunteers and police officers who were great! (thank you!)!

I came home to rolling pin and lay outside on the ground with the dogs… it was a wayyyy better ending and just felt so nice to have the hot sun beat on my face… spring fever = new running plan 🙂