Sundays are my long runs. This past Sunday was a nice 10 miler. However it’s almost Wednesday and I’m still super sore which means my legs aren’t recovered enough for running during the week. I’m not sure whether to push up long runs for Saturdays and do a medium run on Sundays or cross train Monday through Wednesday. Ill have to try it out but it just sucks not being able to run in the beginning of the week. I am happy to report my lower legs are ready to go!! Thanks of course to my new pro compression socks. I’m going to do a full review this weekend but they are as amazing as advertised. Ill share my opinion as an average runner packing a little more in the meat department vs. a super runner whose trunk don’t got junk. Get the hint. Me = average in all areas and I feel it’s important for there to be reviews of fitness gear by average Joes and Josies. My next hunt will be for a running skirt that provides coverage, cuteness, and no rub on the chub. If this is at all possible. I have been reading reviews of all brands Target, Brooks, Nike, Adidas, Lululemon- the hunt is on!!! Hump day tomorrow = half school day = beginning of spring break yay!!