The .1 was from yesterday when I put the collar on Pick, told him to come and he hid.
Today was better but I am realizing this may take weeks/months/years. Well more like months. He is so head strong and wants to do what he wants. He hasn’t understood completely that if he responds to the command the stimulation stops. He kind of gets it so hopefully with more practice he’ll be a well trained pup.
Today we worked on come. I give him a 4 out of 10. He did it but then when he became distracted or done that was it.
Sit. He sits only when he wants
– same with down
The major progress which is one of the most important was stay! He actually stayed in the door way and I only had to correct him 3 times. It was great and really a step in the right direction.
He also stopped barking when stimmed him. Which is a very important one since most people aka certain family members can’t stand.
Take a look at today’s lesson: