Every weekend seems to fly by without much productivity. Well this weekend I got the essentials out of the way. Col and I visited Mommom and decorated and cleaned her house. It was a visit overdue. Crazy how in just 2 months it’ll have been a year since her passing. In that time I don’t think there has been a day that I haven’t thought about her and missed her beyond imaginable. It’s hard sometimes to think that you won’t see a loved one ever again, unless of course you meet them in the after life. I’m not so sure but either way it’s a really long time!
We went to the mall where I replenished my stock of bare minerals and got two new charms yay! I got a seashell with a starfish and a bunch of little stars. Def the most expensive gift that keeps on racking up the change. I love it and love how you can personalize it – yay Pandora and yay a smart bf who got it!



The rest of my day was filled with hanging at Jesus’s crib for an hour and then having a horrible dining experience at the Outback. I don’t even want to relive it!!
This morning I knew I had a long run to complete. I was confident but knew it would not be easy esp. since I have only gotten back up to 5 miles and 8 was going to hurt and be slow. Marcy and I took to the trail and went off. She stayed ahead and I trailed behind. When I was more in shape 8 miles took 1:24 I finished today at 1:30. I was actually pretty satisfied with that. I wore my fuel belt but only took a small sip at mike 4. It was heavy and I totally felt the weight of it. It was a good run and I’m glad I did it. Less the a month til the April Fools half and I got it in the bag. Not going to PR but I know I won’t walk and keep my miles in the 11 minute ranges like today.

A needed trip to Walmart for some supplies for the week and Petco for dog food. That was another bad experience. They had a $15 off 75 coupon they emailed. I assumed like all other coupons I used there I could just show it on my phone. No go and I was pissed so spent 79 instead of 64. Their customer service was horrid and I am beyond done with them. Ill drive the extra 10 minutes to Pet Smart from now on. Boo!!
Sushi was on the dinner/lunch menu and it was delish.
Folding laundry and rolling my legs
with a rolling pin. Yes it works amazingly.