In Disney, Shannon and I purchased our first Sweaty Bands. I wasn’t sure about spending $18 for a headband but could not resist the awesome assortment of patterns and colors!! I helped Shan pick hers out- she looked best in silver as a new Ginger. I was debating between the royal blue and silver. I knew the silver would be more versatile with matching running outfits.

It was similar to watching “Say Yes to the Dress” on TLC, when the bride finally finds a gown she loves … That’s what I felt when the silver sparkled and made me immediately fall in love!!

They swear by the no slip but I was still nervous! I no longer have headbands that also said no slip and disappeared during races or runs. I also did not want to be annoyed fixing and pulling it forward for the half marathon.

The morning of the race I put it on and it really made my outfit. One of my favorite things about signing up for a race is buying a new outfit for the special occasion. It looked great! Shans paired great with the silver sparkle in her tutu!

Throughout the race I didn’t even know it was on! I never had to fix it and it kept the sweat out of my eyes. I couldn’t believe how great it was!!

I have no complaints other then I wish they were a tad cheaper so I could buy every color. On their website some that I liked we’re $15 better then the $18 + tax at the Expo.

Shannon felt hers was a little to tight on her head but thats what happened when your full of yourself, your head expands! Sike, not, just kidding!

So thank you Sweaty Band for being one brand of no slips that actually didn’t slip!!!







P.s. I now where this headband with just about all my outfits- running or shopping outings! It’s just that great šŸ™‚