Misery loves company… It’s been a horrible week.

I was the biggest gainer and had to put in .25$ for biggest loser middle school style.

I was told my kid writes he hates me every day on paper.

I was possibly tricked into asking if i hated my job and answered honestly and said yes. It’s not what I went to school for so wtf, honesty is the best policy, except if your answering to the administration. I do not regret my answer though.

Lastly f this crazy world. I don’t care what anyone thinks of my light gray sweat pants or my brutal honesty. I am who I am and if I am shunned for it, I’ll find a world that I am accepted and if I never am, I know that I put my heart and soul into my life and in the end, I truly love who I am. The end.


This post was endorsed by Carlo Rossi Paisano 🙂