It’s been a sad couple of weeks in NJ. I love where I live but I love Florida even more and the winter here is so depressing.
While on a quick shopping trip to Walmart even though Target is my 1st best friend in the shopping world… I spotted the most amazing fruit snacks ever!! The Cinderella ones they handed out after both the half and full Mary’s in Disney. It brought back the memories and feelings of being beyond exhausted and having these fruit snacks be the pick me up I needed. I had to have them. Unlike some people I know, I savor my fruit snacks instead of ripping open 4 packs and gobbling them down! (bksybm) I came home and had a pack for dessert. They were delish! I showed Shan too and she smiled. It’s the little things that really make you feel good and let you relive prior Disney happiness!!
My foot is 85% better. I am wearing a compression brace and walking pretty normal. Only certain twisting motions bother it so I am hoping to be back running by Monday! We shall see tho!
I am looking forward to Monday and restart my 80/20 of healthy eating to not. It’s the right balance and I can still enjoy a beer if I felt. However, I am laying off the Nutella for at least 6 months. Yikes, you don’t even wanna know!
TGIF. I have my first massage planned and another gel mani on sat w. col! Woot woot