This morning I went to a late breakfast to the Pop Shop in Collingswood… Google it its amazing.

Started off with a sundae… Granola, vanilla yogurt, strawberries, blue berries, and a dallop of my most favorite thing- whipped cream.
It was so good. The granola was crunchy and great and the strawberries were beyond fresh. The yogurt was sweet but a little runny to me. I guess I’m used to the Greek stuff!
Then I was debating between lunch food or breakfast food. Should have went with lunch…
I got the stuffed apple French toast. I always think ill like it but i hate that mushy eggy bread. The apples and cinnamon cream cheese was great. I would have done that over a waffle!
The portion was huge and I was happy to give it to my mom who said it was delish.
The food was good but the company was better .. Love girl time with work and boy gossip … Haven’t had that since high school!!