So my droid incredible 2 decided to refuse me of taking pictures for the past few days. The camera simply stopped working and would go blank if i clicked on it. Google told me it was a hardware issue. I told it goodbye I’m using my upgrade. Shans iPhone is great and i wanna be cool too… So I hobbled into Verizon today and picked myself up an iPhone 5 a pink and white otter box and a peacock feather case too. I just can’t have one!! I love it so far and am getting used to typing on little letters vs. my big incredible ones . It’s nice to have a camera back and fill my obsession with taking pictures of myself.
I also stopped in and got a gel manicure. My nails need to grow and it will keep me from cuticle picking while I’m bored at work!! And yes i did do yhe highschool thing and sparkled up my ring fingers… hint hint babe!! Take a look …