Finally, I know. I’ve been dealing with a broken heart foot. BTW, coming back from a vacation is the worse on my psyche. Totally depressed over not seeing the sunshine in almost a week!

I’ll start with the EXPO. Shannon and I assumed it was the same location as the Princess Half for bib pick up as well as shirts/samples/vendors. We were wrong after we stood in line for about 10 minutes. Oops. The bib pick up was across the way but slightly a far walk from the line to get into the actual EXPO. After we were able to print our release forms, we quickly picked up our bibs and made our way back over into the line for the EXPO. It really angers me when people clearly see there is a line yet decide to walk around people patiently waiting and “cut” the line. Like really is that necessary, it’s just so rude!

Getting into the EXPO was crowded. The pick up for the Goofy shirts was easy as it was labeled Goofy, Half, and Full. No issues. unfortunately, the shirts were unisex. So my large was pretty large and I most likely won’t be wearing the shirts with a pair of jeans. More like a overshirt to a t-shirt during a chilly run. Thats okay they weren’t my colors but proud to have all 3. I am def. a picky race shirt wearer!

After we got our shirts, we attempted to move around the EXPO. It was jam-packed and all of the isles were filled and you were elbow to elbow with people. We took our picture and waited for it to be printed, that was pretty cool. *thanks Run Disney! We sampled a few gu chomp, cheddar cheese, and Cliff bars. Checked out the Fuel Belts, The Stick, and Sweaty Bands. After buying two silver Sweaty Bands, we were done. It was just too much to be walking into people and we couldn’t enjoy looking while we were being pushed. No fun.

It would be so much better if A, they used 3 buildings – maybe one for clothing, one for food samples, one for gear… I don’t know or designated times some how?! We went on Friday around noon. The crowds did deter me from overspending esp. since I bought an $18 Sweaty Band *which I freaking love!

It was quickly bed time and I believe I was asleep by 8:30 pm. We set our alarms for 3 am in hopes to be out by 3:30. We succeeded and waited only a few minutes before boarding the charter bus to the race. I was still half asleep and had nothing to eat and didn’t get excited right away. There were thousands of people in “normal” running clothes. Shannon and I were decked out in Glitter and tutu’s. I was quickly reminded this was no Princess run. This was some hardcore athlete extravaganza. Oops.

We walked about a mile in a sea of athletes to the start. Shannon was in corral C while I was in E. At least we were on the same side! The corrals were lit up giant white balloons that frequently changed colors I was amused. I hung out in my corral stretching and sleeping while standing. It was then time to begin! There was a lot of pre show festivities including hearing stories from Olympians, Jeff Galloway, and some cool singer named Joey Fatone who was also running Goofy. They played the Hercules theme song “Go the Distance”. It really gave me chills and it was the inspiration I needed.

I knew I wasn’t pushing this half. I had a full tomorrow and I hadn’t run more than 11 miles in over a month and a half. I just took it easy and enjoyed the course. It was or seemed to be the exact course for the Princess half. I’d bet $1 it was. I knew when to pace myself or when to give a little more. I ran a solid 10 miles before I decided to run walk the last 3. I forgot how hot Florida is. Not only was it hot, it was humid. I was dying and wanted to take off my zip up so bad! My bib was attached and I wasn’t missing out on pictures or time, so I dealt with it! I sweat so much that the Old Navy Active neon pink compression zip-up I was wearing decided to bleed fuchsia ink all over my arms, hands, knuckles, and back. I kept wiping my face and thinking about all the pictures I will look like a hot pink freak in. I just wanted to get done and wash my face and hands. Then I thought in the 2:45 it took me to finish, it was going to be an addition 2:45 if not more on top of tomorrow and it was beyond hot at 9:15 am! I knew tomorrow was going to suck. Not only because I had two more half marathons to complete but the 13.1 I had just completed really wasn’t as easy as I pictured it to be. Oops.

After the race we stocked up on water and a Powerade and got our little goodie box, and I grabbed a banana for Shan and Cinderella fruit snacks. The fruit snacks were by far the most amazing after run fuel. The box was the same as the Princess Run minus the humus add in a -like laughing cow spreadable cheese. Dark chocolate, nuts, crackers, and a towellete. We waited in line for a bus for about 30 seconds. Last year it was about 30 minutes. Kudos for getting more bussing for the All-star Resorts! I used the towelette on the bus getting the hardened salt off my face. A total relief!

When we got back to the hotel we both showered and decided to go to Animal Kingdom with our 1997 WDW passes. They worked and we had 1 day left! So we saved about 150$, thanks Dad! We did a few things there but Shannon felt sick with a headache. I felt great and wanted to go to Hollywood Studios. We went did Tower of Terror and something else I forget and she wanted to go. I didn’t care either way. I didn’t want her feeling like crap the next day so didn’t complain we were wasting our free pass. I’ll complain now. Sike.

We went back and I didn’t even lay out my outfit! I passed out by 630pm! Again alarm was set for 3. I needed another 5 minutes and then got up and got dressed. I put on my Old Navy Active compression Capri’s, newer white brooks, tutu, and a lime green tech shirt from Target. I would have worn a tank top but that was nixed out of my suit case because all my stuff was “weighing it down”. (Jerks – never listening to anyone when I pack, I needed all that stuff!)

The wait for the bus was about 5 minutes. I had a roll from Shans dinner and I grabbed some jelly in the cafe at the resort and ate it on the quick bus ride back to the start. We were decked out in glow sticks and got off the bus excited! Got our picture taken and walked for the second time on the Red Carpet through Mickey’s face. It was one of the best parts. It just felt so good!

We hung out with the other runners and used 1 of probably 2,000 port-o-potties. They were gross but not that bad! Today they were calling runners by their corrals to head to the start. I didn’t realize until I went during the D corral it didn’t really matter, so Shan and I had split up long before. I guess they didn’t want a bumrush to the start. It was still about a 25 minute slow-moving walk, again with people walking on the grass to get ahead…for nothing!

Again with the pre show talkers and Joey Fatone making in through the half mary was back for the full. They played the Hercules song again and after the National Anthem, each corral was let off with a quick but beautiful firework show. It was time.

I felt a little stiff and nervous. This was my first full marathon and with not much training I wasn’t sure how it would go. I started off running through the start and then as I got to mile 1 I started to walk. I felt like crap and was not motivated to do much. As I started to run again this older man next to me was walking. He commented on liking my tutu and I responded with “wow, your walk is faster than my run”. He was nice and supportive. He mentioned he was doing the Galloway method and I told him I’ll see how fast his run was and try to stick with him. I could keep up and decided I needed someones watch telling me to start running or else I feared I’d walk the whole thing while being stalked by the bus of shame!

About 3 or 4 minutes later as we approached the Magic Kingdom, this younger guy ran by the side of us said something about running through 6 lanes. Nothing that got my attention until, *we’ll call him Wally- freaked out and told the younger guy *we’ll call him Marty, to stfu and keep his mouth shut and how rude and blah blah. Marty told him he didn’t say anything inappropriate and was only making a statement of the lanes. Wally kept yelling at him and told him he’ll meet him at the finish line. Marty told him he’ll meet him in the seniors tent. I was so appalled and embarrassed. Before then Wally was saying how he was a teacher and seemed like a nice old midwestern man who liked to talk. I knew immediately I needed to escape. I didn’t want it to be that obvious because after the Marty incident, Wally told me his dad was a cop and he could kill Marty in 3 seconds. I was planning my escape route while Wally talked my head off about a bunch of nonsense. When it was our “time” to run again, I continued to walk which through Wally off. I told him I was still going to walk and he said “NO, we have to finish this together. We’re crossing the line or I’ll drag you across!” I told him I wanted to enjoy this and I’m going to do my own thing! Aka get the hell away from him! He reluctantly went off and I could still see him just ahead of me. I knew I needed to lose him for good and walked for about 4 minutes until I no longer saw his balding head. I was truly relieved but then stuck in a walk/run rut. Not knowing when to start or stop.

I saw a girl doing the Galloway method and asked her if I could follow her watch and ran behind her. It took her only 10 seconds to find her escape route from me and joined a group of her friends. I was pissed but understood since I had just encountered my own annoyance.

From then I knew it would be up to me and myself to get me through the next 21 miles. Did I mention at mile 2 my foot started to feel funny like a someone kept stepping on it and smooshing it down. I ignored it – which will come to haunt me soon…

Miles 6 through 10 were okay 10 to 13 were starting to get boring, even though at that point we were on a different course *not like the day before or Princess half. We were entering Animal Kingdom and were greeted by livestock Shannon and I had played with the day before. Sheep, birds, and pigs, fun and smelly. The coolest part of the run through A.K, was they had the ride Everest open! The Yeti!! I almost stopped to go on when I saw other runners jumping on. I didn’t think I would want to start-up again so declined a good scream and went on with the torture. Mile 15 we got a gu, I took 2. Miles 15-17 weren’t too bad especially when I got to mile 17 as we entered ESPN and a volunteer just said we had gone 30 miles! I saw the other runners heading out and they all had smiles on their faces so I knew I was in for a good time since the 20th mile was a surprise!

Miles 18-19 were bad. It did help we ran just under 1/4 of a mile on the track, it helped my legs with the softness, and ran around the baseball field on the gravel. I knew mile 20 was nearing and I kept putting off using the restroom. Again fearing if I stopped I wouldn’t start back up. As we approached mile 20 it looked like the finish so I ran faster, dumb. What the surprise was, was having characters in giant costumes on both sides of the road. I wanted to stop for pictures but you know I didn’t. Mental memories not photographic. I liked the characters it gave me a boost but they put so much hype into the surprise, I was expecting One Direction or Bon Jovi…fail.

Miles 21-22 were long high way. As we left ESPN, I saw the END of the running line with people on bikes with stop watches and course maps. They were following the end and monitoring peoples miles to see if they were 16 minutes. I was beyond freaked out. I knew I was at least 45 minutes again but it scarred me and I saw the white vans aka busses of shame and kept going.

It killed my foot to walk but my mind was mentally exhausted and needed to take walk breaks. I kept trying to maintain an easy pace so my foot wouldn’t hurt as bad but it just was a pain I knew I would have until the end. As mile 22 came and went mile 23 showed up. I was so relieved only about a 5k and some left. 24 came and I became excited only 2 miles left. Let me tell you, the last 2 miles were beyond the hardest. I was done, beyond done. I didn’t pick up any chocolate at mile 21 and the second gu I took did nothing for me. I wanted done.

I walk ran and Epcot started to fill up with people. We ran on a boardwalk like thing with pretty houses or rentals. A lady was giving out bananas in her scooter and if I liked bananas I would have eaten one. I needed fuel, mental and physical. I was limping horribly and people were asking if I was okay. I told them yes and one lady responded with “Remember, the pain is temporary, pride is forever”. I started up again and then would walk until I heard someone read my bib and say “Go Meghan”, or “You CAN DO IT!” Mile 26 was finally here. I couldn’t see the finish so I walked a .1 of he .2 until I saw the finish then ran my way in to completing my first marathon!

As soon as I crossed over I was in so much pain. I cried and was elated to get both of my medals. People were making sure I was okay, my face must have looked like I just gave birth or smelled a dead body or both. I called and found Shannon and she noticed I couldn’t walk either. She told me to go put my feet in ice bags and so I did with my socks on. We then took a few pictures with my limping and boarded the bus back to the resort exhausted mentally and physically. I was in so much pain I didn’t even realize I just completed Goofy!! I did it!! I freaking’ did it!!

When I hobbled back to the room, I took off my shoes and socks and discovered my outside of my foot was purple and swollen. I couldn’t believe it. I knew something was wrong. I couldn’t walk to go get something to eat and told Shan to bring me back some doctor pamphlets from the front office. I crawled into the shower thinking that would help, iced and elevated my throbbing foot. It was horrible and I immediately began calling Centra Urgent Care.

I was told a 2 hour wait and I dragged Shan along for the complimentary ride. It was crowded and was told 2.5 hours. 4.5 hours later  I finally saw the Doctor. 5 hours later I got X-Rays. 5.5 hours later I was leaving in crutches and a foot bootie with a stress fracture/strained ankle/foot. We missed the after party at Downtown Disney. Shannon was miserable and I felt horrible. I knew I needed to go but I felt bad how we couldn’t celebrate and enjoy our success.

The next morning we got up and it hurt to use my crutches. They aren’t easy to use. I told Shan I wasn’t bringing them and she freaked out. I brought them to Magic Kingdom and rented a wheel chair for $12. Shannon pushed me around the entire day. I knew it sucked for her.  I am heavy and going up some of those ramps was not easy for her or me. If you ever experienced being in a car with a bad driver, try having that person drive you around in a wheel chair. It was so scary. Let me apologize to all of those who Shannon rammed me into. She started doing it on purpose when people wouldn’t get out of our way and would stare at me. I also think she was becoming jealous of people telling me congratulations on finishing since I wore my medal. Shannon had done it too but I was receiving all of the attention. Again, I felt bad but then laughed and made it a joke every time someone would say how amazing I was. I was amazing for doing Goofy but so was she!

The entire 12 hour day was amazing. We did 23 in Magic Kingdom and only didn’t do a few! Space Mountain and the Monsters INC. comedy show was my favorite. It was amazing to see the fireworks and eat a rice crispie treat dipped in milk chocolate covered in Reese pieces. yum!

We crashed around 10:30 and didn’t wake up Tuesday until 8:30. I still couldn’t walk and felt like poo. We originally planned to do Sea World but I was in no mood to use my crutches and knew Shan wasn’t pushing me around again. She was pissed and becoming very mean and nasty. I knew it was my fault but I would have done the same for her and not complained so much. I hobbled out to the pool after eating my Mickey shaped waffle. I called my mom, cried a lot, and then decided to screw it and soak up the sun and not let her or my foot ruin this expensive vacation.

Shannon came back about  half hour later and apologized and we hung out by the pool until about 11:30, went back, packed up, showered, dropped our stuff at the front, checked out, and boarded the bus for Downtown Disney. With no crutches or wheel chair I hobbled and limped slowly around. We got Earl of Sandwich for the second time, a not so impressive cookie sundae from Ghiradelli, and a chocolate caramel reese pieces apple. …and another rice crispie.

We went back, filled up our $17 Disney reusable resort cups, and waited for the Magical Express until 6:35. Boarded up, left, and made our way into Orlando International. I hobbled with my crutches. I was a little annoyed by the Spirit employee’s who did not offer a wheel chair, or help out with handling our luggage. After my hands and crutches were wiped and checked for explosives, we made our way through security and the gate. More people were impressed with my story. I was laughing inside and knew it was irritating Shannon. It was funny.

Boarding the plane was not easy. It was crowded since Shannon didn’t want to board during our Zone time since she didn’t want to “Wait on the plane any longer then I have to”. Okay…thanks. No one offered to help put my crutches up for me and luckily I was on the end seat I could extend my foot until a flight attendant almost ran it over. Not the best and it was just bad customer service from Spirit.

I slept an hour out of the flight. I passed out after we didn’t encounter a wind shear and I realized both the wings were still attached and I dozed off. The next thing I knew the Captain came on and said we would be making our descent and be landing in about 30 minutes. It felt longer, it was bumpy, and scary. I hate flying. I used to love it but thanks to the b.f I am now scarred shitless. (adding to my bucket list – fly in the cockpit and see a flight start to finish) We finally landed and after some gate confusion and driving nonchalantly in a giant 747, we were off.

Shannon went ahead and got the luggage and signalled for me to pay for parking. I did and she yelled at me then ran in the rain to get the car. We drove home silently in the rain and finally got back around 1am. I was exhausted and miserable to be home .

Going back to work Thursday and Friday were okay but hobbling around was only worsening my ankle. This weekend I am really “rice-ing”. I am itching to go for a run and get back into shape. I will probably be out at least another week if not 2. I am hoping for a quick recovery.

Overall, Goofy was so amazing. Both days of support from volunteers and the crowds is unlike any other race. The course is beautiful and decorated just enough. Not too much stimulation but as soon as I felt bordem approach some character or choir would appear. The medals are unlike anything else and the 20th marathon medal is stunning. The organization of Run Disney is incredible. If anything went wrong, you’d never know it. It is so organized and simply amazing how it is pulled off with so many runners, volunteers, and crowds.

Would I do another Goofy, I am waiting for the sign-ups! It was expensive and challenging. I would definitely do another one but train way more so injury does not occur again. I’ll  never know why my ankle decided to give out but I finished and that is all that matters. I earned those 3 medals and in the end it was worth every painful step. I know the pain will subside but the memories of each 39.3 miles will be forever. A cool quote I saw once was… “There will be days when I don’t know if I can run a marathon, but there will be a lifetime of knowing that I did”

I did it!!!!!!!!! Goofy 2013… thank you for a great start – life changing… simply amazing… and yes really Goofy!!!

P.S finished half mary in 2:45, full in 6:19 … Joey Fatone also finished 6:19 how ironic!!! No autograph though – totally would have stalked him if it was 15 years ago and N’Sync was still super cool… darn.

-Pictures will be in a seperate post 🙂