Good bye 2012, you were pretty good; Ran a lot of races that were fun. Pr’d in AC half 2:27! Pr’d a timed 5k 29:12! Woot Woot! Got my first 10 day pay check for just slightly over $2000.00 (Won’t see one of those again for a while!) Learned from more mistakes and oops.

Hello 2013. I’ve got big plans for you this year that I hope I can fulfill. There is one event that I am excited about which is Goofy Challenge and a Half. Yep that would be a half mary followed by a full mary the next day in Disney January 12th & 13th. Am I ready for it? No way… I totally stopped running through December. Here and there was about it. But it will be one hell of an adventure that will be none the less memorable and hopefully in a good way!

As for resolutions, I stopped making them when I would say to lose 20 lbs, stop cursing, keep my room clean, no chocolate and achieved all those in reverse. I don’t even like the word resolution. There are also literally 10 definitions for that word. I prefer to set goals. Yea, I have made goals and not met them but at least it wasn’t considered a New Year’s resolution because with goals I have more than a years time to complete.

I have yet to think about all of my 2013 goals. Of course I would like to state the obvious easy ones and here they are:

PR  with a half marathon under 2:15

Run & complete at least 3 marathons (Disney may be 1)

Do Jillian Michael’s 30 shred and actually do all 30 days consecutively… *harder than you think!

Save $100 a month. I’d say to stop spending money on clothing I don’t need or iced coffees but if I start with $100 it’s possible I’d have the best of both worlds.

My goal to find a full-time teaching Health and Physical Education job will be on the list until it is achieved. Continuing to work hard and keep putting myself out there will surely pay off one day… #hopeful!

Figure out what I want in life. It is strange because I am in a weird age. Not yet old enough to rent a car without a surcharge but not young enough to get drunk every weekend and it be a normal thing (plus that’s totally not cool). However, I am getting to that point where I want to start having an adult life. No, I am not ready to move out and pay for everything on my own but I am craving to settle down with someone I can be with the rest of my life.  I know I will not accomplish this in 2013. If it were up to me I would. But my goal here is to figure out if I want to wait until 2014, 2015 or 2016 or if I have waited long enough and need to move on. This will require a lot of attention and a lot of therapy sessions but it needs to be done and I know that.

2013 will be a great year. Not only because that is what my horoscope says and those Chinese are usually always 100% right… but because I want it to be an amazing year filled with adventures, healthy living, and happiness. I don’t know anyone who goes into a new year expecting horrible things. I couldn’t live life like that nor with anyone who thinks this way.

So … here it goes 2013 … I’m buckled up and looking to enjoy the ride…