I coordinated and led Hoops for Heart in my school. One of the incentives that got the kids to sell was seeing our Principal and Vice-principal dressed up in a tutu. I didn’t want anything messy like, “make your principal a sundae”, or “duct tape principal to wall”. Plus I knew I could easily and quickly make a tutu and it would still be funny!

Shannon came over and helped me out making the pink one. I made the blue one and they turned out great! As I was leaving school on  Friday a girl that I work with stopped me and asked if I make tutus to sell. I said- I can what would you like? She mentioned her daughter loves pink and purple. Done and done. I made that one in about an hour. It took a little longer because I added white and purple sparkles but then only liked the white so it was a little bit of a longer process.












Unfortunately and sadly, my principal’s son passed away on Friday due to a long battle with cancer and I am not sure she’ll be around on Thursday (before break) to show off the tutu. We’ll just wait and see.

This weekend has been filled with many thoughts of sadness. I have to remember and talk some happiness into my head when I start feeling down. I am not in the situation of losing my 6-7 year old child nor my 23-year-old son. I couldn’t imagine losing a child – mainly because I am not a parent, but the thought is just insane. No child should die before a parent.

I have only lost my “Mommom” that was super close to me. I was too young to remember the deaths of others in my family besides my “Granny”. I think of my Mommom every single day. I have a picture of her on my desk, on my phone, in my room, all over. When I look at the pictures I get a lump in my chest but I can’t cry. I just think about how much I miss her and the funniest memories. They make me smile and just make me realize how many great memories I need to make with others around me because when I or them are gone, will be left happiness.