surprisingly, after a super long day at work ref’n basketball games I ran a nice easy 5 mindless miles around town. No iPod, no Ironman GPS, no phone. just my keys in my upper back pocket curtusey of amazing running pants from Old Navy.

I started a little slower than normal since I have been on the lazy train and built up some speed. Since I didn’t know the exact mileage I used and attempted to map it out. It was about 5 miles minus my lap around the school that I couldn’t map .. so I’m calling it 5. It took about an hour which would make them 12 minute miles which is way slow … I’m thinking over 5 miles but i’ll have to use my Ironman on the same route next week!

Going to have a great weekend and put in some miles. This training has gone by so quick and Goofy was going to be hard with dedicated training… oops for lazy and unmotivatedness… OOPS! ..

But yay for a nice 5ish today Woo Go mee!!!