This morning I knew I had to be at Shans by 830. Thankfully that hour of sleep really helped because I was wide awake at 6:30 AM. Shannon called me at 7:30 asking where I was. I said I am leaving in a half hour, she said you were supposed to be here at 8:30, it’s 8:30! Apparently, her IPhone didn’t reset itself so needless to say, I didn’t keep her waiting and was at her house around 8:10! 

We decided on Cooper River park and one loop around was about 3.5 miles. I originally planned to run 17 miles. It felt like a good number. However, the first 3.5 were okay, the next 3.5 were better, the next was hard, the last was hardest. I did a half mary in 2:29:30 obviously not caring about that time, but was shocked since I wasn’t pushing it at all and really trying to pace myself. Anyway literally after I hit 13.5 miles my body shut down. I got a cramp underneath my rib and I kept going slower and slower. I walked for 10 seconds then started again, walked 10 and as I started running again, I heard MEGHAN! It was Shannon coming up from behind lapping me! It was just what I needed to keep going and stayed right behind her the last 1/4 mile in.

There is a little track  on the inside of the path and she told me she was going to finish up on the track. I contemplated doing one more lap but knew it was not physically possible for me and that 14.25 miles was great!

I walked the other 3/4 mile around the track while I waited for Shan. She did 20 miles! Amazing. So happy for the both of us. Our reward was a trip to Whole Foods hotbar.  We filled up our boxes but I did go a little light. Mine cost $10, Shans $16 lol. It was amazing and well deserved.

Then we went to Spoon Me, a self-serve frozen yogurt place by her house. It wasn’t the best and I am way more in love with Yogo Factory but it was tasty and I still have left overs for a late night snack.

Overall, the day was awesome. I am so happy we ran so well. I do have a major fear. 14.5 miles ran 15 total… I still need to run 11 more miles on top of that for a full marathon. Crap! I have a lot of work to do within the next 2 months before Disney. It was definitly a wake up run for me!

Enjoy the pics:)