Last night was asuper fun run! It was a 5k in North Wales, Pa! It was sponsored by the Iron Hill Brewery and Life is Good among others. I wasn’t in the mood to run a race at 5 pm let alone dress up, however, after I found out my school was closed because of Sandy, I got into it!

The beginning stages of the race were chaotic! So many people, different lines, running out of sizes of shirts, a little boy using chalk to draw the start line. It was a mess. It was so rushed that before I had time to start my Sports Tracker AP it was go time!

There were probably only about 100 people running and I started out fast, real fast. (for me) The first mile was greeted by a water station that I zoomed by, no time for water, had to run. It was an out and back which was perfect. The course was fast but not flat. It was defnitly a struggle going up the hills and my second mile was the slowest. My third and final mile was awesome. This woman ran up next to me and told me to keep going. We paced each other until she fell behind. I was booking it back. I encouraged her to keep up but she just kept going slower and slower so I went on with out her. I was thankful for her because I knew I would have slowed down if it wasn’t for her! (We met up later and thanked each other) I saw the finish but knew if I sprinted it I would vomit so I stayed steady and PR’d it was awesome! My phone said 29:12. I haven’t gotten under 30 since college and it felt great. I was shocked and it made the night so much more fun.

Thats the running story. This is the costume and beer part. The good part- Shannon had gotten me a bat hat from Ohio. I wasn’t going to wear it but after school was canceled I knew it’d be the only time I would potentially where this insane hat. (Monday was supposed to be crazy hat day, clearly I was all planned out *way to go Sandy) I oicked up some knee socks from Target and paired them with my awesome Adidas tech shirt! It a great color and comfy! That was it. Simple yet enough.

The beer came next. Iron Hill had some pumpkin ale, stout, and porter. We got two beer tickets and stood in line to get them. I got these two pictured below. Not a fan. The Iron Hill pumkin ale was light but not that enjoyable. The other was too bitter. I am not one to waste a beer but I happily threw these both out after two sips. Not worth the cals.

Someone managed to get 3!










The food however was worth the calories. They put on a great spread. Warm Philly Pretzels, amazing pasta salad, BBQ chicken, rice, pizza, and grilled chicken. This was all free! I may or may not have gotten three servings of pasta salad. Yes, it was that good.









Overall, the night was great. My time was great and now know I can push it even more and I won’t vomit or pass out. Which is always a plus!