This morning I woke up stiff and dreading the 13 miles I had ahead of me. When we got to the starting line, we missed the National Anthem, that always gets me excited! So I was really not enjoying my stretch and had negative thoughts running through my head. The negativity continued when I realized I forgot my Ironman GPS and my Ipod battery was 1/4 left. Ugh!

The countdown began and 3-2-1 we were off! It was slow getting through the chute and I saw just about 3 minutes on the clock. That meant I had 3 minutes to subtract on all of the clock times I saw. It would have to do!

The first three miles were climbing overpasses and going through the tunnel. My sister informed me the quick runners were yelling “Whoop” through it but I had no “Whoops” nor did I let out one. I was too busy listening to this girl yell about this man running flat footed. Ya it was annoying but I would never ever say anything. I didn’t care, I probably do things that annoy people at some point anyway! Plus, he gave me an excuse to slow it down so I didn’t have to hear it!

The 5k was so super slow. My legs were still tight but were loosening up. Mile four through 7 flew by and we were back up on the board walk by by 8. 8 through 13.1 finished on the boards and it was great. I knew the course since I just completed it yesterday and knew I could push it a little more. 10 miles came up and the clock was 1:55 I knew I was going to PR if I kept it up.

Unfortuantely, I slowed down and knew I was just getting slower. After I saw mile 25 for the marathon I knew I had a little over a mile to go and I could do it! As I approached the finish I could see 2:29 on the clock. I tried to run faster so I would beat 2:28 from Rock Philly. I crossed at 2:30! I was so excited and felt great!

I waited in line to get some Rita’s waterice, Johnson’s Popcorn, and a stale pretzel. I enjoyed the waterice and a bite of pretzel. I really was excited to be done because I knew what lunch was going to be… Earl of Sandwhich.

While I stood in place while I waited for Shannon, she ran to mile 13 and back which gave her 17 miles for the day. no thanks. I stretched and people watched.

Finally she was back and we walked the 1.5 to the Showboat and dug in. I got the Caprese sandwhich because I knew it would be light and refreshing and that it was. We walked the 1.5 back, took a few pictures, stretched and left!

Thank you to all the volunteers and the organizers! There was plenty of water stations along the way and powerbar gels. Everytime I felt like I was getting thirsty, I could see a station up ahead. It was perfect!

Two great days of running totaling 19.3 miles plus over 3 miles walked! My toes are sore but I am happy with my PR! 2:27:03

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