It feels like it should be Friday tomorrow. I am exhausted. I love this teaching thing and it’s a good fit for me. I just wish I could call this my last stop until retirement… Oh well. Someday…

I ran 5 miles walked 1 = 6. It was hard and hurt. I kept an average pace but was faster and slower at times. My company wasn’t too shabby either. I love you boo! My inspiration and motivator!

FYI. I cracked open Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut butter last night…and this morning… and for dinner…. It is amazing. So fresh and healthy tasting! It is no Nutella. It is a healthier version of Nutella with 7g of sugar and has actual nut pieces. It was amazing and a new favorite. I will be buying this… as soon as it is empty tomorrow in a few weeks. Makes more more excited to try the other flavors! So yummy!!

Gonna be a long day tomorrow and I have not put my breakfast & lunch together and I still need to layout an outfit. Oh the insanity of actually working everyday! Ha!