My first encounter with Justin’s nut butters was on the plane ride to the Disney princess half marathon when this girl was eating a banana and slathering this chocolate paste all over it. Nosey me and col were like, um excuse me what is that!? Anything that resembles Nutella I am all over! She said it was Justin’s chocolate peanut nut butter(recently discontinued). I was intrigued and she said I could buy some from Target. I searched for months and finally found it. I was shocked how expensive it was! $1.06 for a tiny little packet! I couldn’t believe it. It must be great right? Well now ill be able to tell you how great it is because some super cool people at Justin’s sent me 4 jars! Not packets jars! I jumped up and down when I opened the package. How awesome and I am so excited to try it out! Here’s what it looked like.


Thanks Stuart from Justin’s and thank you Justin’s!!! You guys rock!
To the rest of you go buy some!!! I’ll tell you my favorite flavor after I open up each jar.