So my first day of school went great. It was typical. Schedule issues, rules, ht/wt… Everything I remember back in the day! It was interesting to see the expressions on the students who were visibly uncomfortable about the weigh in. It was always awkward and slightly embarassing for me too. I felt for those students and wish weight wasn’t an issue small or large for any of us… In a perfect world… Ha!
However my day got even better after an ok workout when I saw this little baby package on the kitchen table!


Then I opened it and couldnt believe 6 Lara’s fit in that tiny box! Amazing! Check it out:


I was expecting a package from Larabar when I tried the jocalat hazelnut and wasn’t impressed actually repulsed! My first experience was terrible! But then I tried a peanut butter chocolate chip and was instantly turned back on! I emailed and asked for some samples and Stacy from Lara asked what flavors I’d be interested in. I picked pretty much all of them and she sent me this awesome assortment. I cannot wait to try them all! They will be in my review page each day I have one! The flavors I received were:
Uber: Apple turnover
Coconut cream pie
Key lime pie
Tropical fruit tart
Cashew cookie
Peanut butter and jelly
Thanks again Stacy and LARABAR!!!