This morning I had every intention to sleep in. Darn my new teaching routine! I was up by 730 and went shopping shortly after breakfast. We got coupons in the mail for DD.  I wanted a Pumpkin Spice Iced Coffee just cream. FYI it is pre-sweetend. Normally I would get sugar or Splenda but thankfully Jeanne read about the Pumpkin flavor before ordering. It’s possible it would have rotted my teeth with one sip because the flavoring was sooo sweet. It was a one time thing and got me ready for fall!

My nephew just found out he and his wife are expecting a boy! Therefore I am helping Colleen. We bought invitations the other night and today we printed them out. It was a little challenging. Dogs barking, too many opinions, and it just wore me out!

I relaxed watching Dance Moms and then Shan said she was going to run at 3PM. 4 miles today then 8 tomorrow. Well I knew I could do the 4. I had preplanned my running route in my head but after I had done 4 I still felt pretty good. It was about 95 degree’s and I was dying. I decided to be smart and stop my watch run in get a drink and run back out. I did just that. Then I did my route one more time, however, stopping again for a drink at 6.5 miles. I told my self I need to finish 8. I know with working tomorrow I won’t do it and JUST DO IT now! I did. 8 very hard, very hot, very great miles 1:43:40. All without an IPOD! Yep, Dead. I am happy to report my IRONMAN Timex immediately found GPS and worked great the entire run! Woo!

I was mentally and physically exhausted throughout the later part of the run. I had Goofy on my mind and my upcoming (2 weeks) Philly half! I wanted to see where I was at. My legs felt great and my mind was stronger than ever. It actually makes me tear up thinking about how great my mind-set was. I was determined. I didn’t want my mind to race my body. I wanted to finish together; mentally & physically.

After downing multiple cups of water and a very cold shower, I refueled with a watermelon protein smoothie. I really just wanted an icy watermelon smoothie but I knew I needed the protein. I need to eat right to train right to do right. Yea, 1:43 minutes for 8 miles is not great at all. It is a good starting point, but I want better, I want faster, and I know I can achieve it.

The night will be spent with some serious R&R. I won’t be able to enjoy a BBQ with the fam tomorrow but I’ll be working 12 hours to pay for Disney. Can’t wait!