So yes, yesterday was interesting. I went to the doctors and got an anit-biotic, an allergy/sinus med, and a nasal spray! I still feel like poop today but at least I have some meds that will start working soon. Before the doctors, I tried another Think Thin bar. It was a fruit and nut one and I loved it. You will read about it probably sometime tomorrow or friday under my healthy bar review page!

Where my doctors is is a nice little old town with old houses, old people, old sidewalks, and a lazy feel. It is a beautiful area. Somehow my mind was geared for Goofy and I was like omg I want to do my long run around here. I’ll have to map it out but I think it would be a perfect 26’er in the beginning of December. Or a Fall November run with the changing leaf colors. My favorite time of year!!

After I dropped off my scripts, my parents arrived home from visting my sister in South Carolina. I’ve been in charge of the house and let it become a mess before I cleaned it Tuesday morning! Ha. It just felt good to do what I want and gave me the move out bug! My parents brought me some sovouniers and got themselves a few things too! They brought me home this:

That would be a Pickle wind chime! So cute!

My mom also bought her self a baby Jesus in a manger with a palm tree… typical Jeanne.

Pickles was angry he wasn’t getting any attention so he found a friend to play with. I believe it was a cricket…









Now it is his dead friend. He didn’t eat it though he was saving it and was hoping it would play again. Wrong. Wrapped in a paper towel, he is playing in heaven…or hell damn those chirping crickets. (animal lover)

You already know that I couldn’t find an outfit for today and my night was spent in Old Navy… enough said.

Posting today after dinna!